Greek Ingredients

At Hungry Donkey we use responsibly-sourced ingredients in all our dishes.

Our meat is British, free-range and sustainably-raised. We carefully select a number of Greek ingredients that go in our dishes, with a big focus on sustainability, such as our extra virgin olive oil & organic mountain oregano.

We only serve Greek wine & beer, with an ever increasing number of labels being organic.

Greek grape varieties are truly unique and impressive. We are truly committed to only listing top-quality Greek grape-varietal wines, and we are confident you will agree with us they are a great treasure that keeps on giving!

We are passionate in supporting independent Greek microbreweries that produce award-winning unfiltered and unpasteurised beers for guaranteed freshness & goodness!

“Παν μέτρον άριστον”


Souvla meat being cooked over an open fire grill
Chips and meat being placed on plate with tongs.
Fresh Greek salad in a bowl shot from above.

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