Taking Street Food Restaurants in London Back To Their Roots

For years, there has been a donkey sized hole in Greek street food restaurants in London. While burgers turned gourmet, bao buns went viral and tacos took over, Greek cuisine got somewhat left by the wayside. This is a crying shame. After all, we were well ahead of that trend; street food in Greece goes all the way back to 6th century BC, when it was served in the ‘agora’ – the central gathering place of the city. A vast array of food was available to Ancient Greeks, including roasted chicken, sausages, fried fish, baked chickpea, fruit, cakes and sweets.

However, it was also considered to be consumed only by the poor, who did not have homes with ovens or hearths. Then, as centuries passed, street food developed from snacks into more substantial meals; in rolled Gyro and Souvlaki, and the popularity of these dishes amongst modern Greeks meant that the food got better and the stalls gradually turned into restaurants.

While people travel from all over the world to sample Greek cuisine, yearning for the incredible tzatziki they once tried in that little restaurant in Athens, or that perfect moussaka their sister ordered in a rustic tavern in Crete, sadly the food itself hasn’t seemed to travel as well as it’s eaters. Greek cuisine, let alone Greek street food restaurants in London, haven’t made their mark with quite as much gusto as our Italian neighbours.

Street Food Restaurants in London – Hungry Donkey

So that’s where we want to change things. Honouring our roots, our menu brings to your home soil all the classic Greek flavours that you hop on a plane for: from our hot mezedes of Papoutsakia (Roasted aubergine, fresh tomato sauce and feta) and Graviera Saganaki (pan fried organic cheese), to our Souvlaki Pita Wraps, stuffed with juicy meat, tangy tzatziki and peppered with spicy paprika. For too long have street food restaurants in London lacked the unmistakable flavours and charms of Greek cuisine.

Step aside, the donkey’s arrived.

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