Greek Street Food London Even on Sunday

“You can kiss me on a cool day, a hot day, a wet day, whichever one you choose!”

According to the lyrics of the title song from the classic Greek film Never On Sunday, any day of the week was ideal for kissing except for a, erm, Sunday. Well, the Hungry Donkey doesn’t know much about kissing etiquette, but what we do know is that when it comes to street food London Sunday is the ideal day! Just because it is a day of rest doesn’t mean that your taste buds are going to take the day off, after all.

This is why on any given Sunday you can find the Hungry Donkey serving up an authentic Greek breakfast, lunch or dinner to the trendy and not-so trendy, denizens of East London alike. With this part of the city quickly becoming one of its most visited tourist spots, there is now greater demand than ever for street food London Sunday.

The dishes served here can be enjoyed by visitors to East London who want to grab something quick and delicious to eat on the go while exploring. As well as those who are in the mood for settling in a relaxed diner-style atmosphere for some people watching as well. And as these are activities that even long-standing Londoners still enjoy, this is street food London Sunday that is truly for everyone.

The Hungry Donkey is the place to go for seasonal specials, alongside traditional Greek favourites like Yoghurt with Honey, Nuts and Fruit and Filo Pastry Pies, that make the perfect start to the day. When it gets a little bit later and you’re looking for a filling centrepiece for your street food London Sunday, you really can’t beat a portion of Hungry Donkey’s finest meat, including sausages made from the wild boar of Mount Olympus, served with hand-cut chips, cherry tomatoes and tzatziki.

By bringing this delicious food together with together a unique and exciting range of wines, beers and spirits from all around Greece, the Hungry Donkey makes an ideal companion any day of the week!

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