Greek Street Food In London

Street food is eaten by 2.5bn people per day across the world, and whether it’s under a railway bridge, down a cobbled side street or pitched up in a large square, street food traders are quite literally filling the London dining scene at a faster pace than ever before. Street food in London appeals to Brits not only because of the fast service, and the ability to watch your food being made right in front of your eyes, but also the vibrancy and takeaway aspect that attracts workers who often only have a 30 minute lunch break.

Street Food in London – Hungry Donkey

Here at Hungry Donkey, a Greek restaurant near Liverpool Street surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life, I feel proud to offer fresh Greek street food that one can either order to takeaway and have made in front of you as you wait, or otherwise sit and eat in. This seems the best of both worlds for a Hungry Donkey like me! Yes Spitalfields, that means no more struggling to find a sheltered spot from the rain to eat your street food in London – hoorah! See you soon!

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