Greek Street Food East London

Sometimes it feels as though everything good came from Greece!

Think about it, without that warm and inviting country in the Mediterranean we wouldn’t have democracy, philosophy, science, drama, literature, mathematics or even the Olympic Games. We can’t be certain whether or not the first hipsters or the earliest examples of street food began in Greece, but we can be sure that Greek cuisine and London’s trendy set will meet up for the first time in the battle ground of street food east London thanks to Hungry Donkey.

For anyone looking for something new and cool when it comes to street food east London, this is one donkey that you just have to take a ride on. Hungry Donkey’s mission is to make simple, authentic Greek food available to everyone in East London, residents and tourists, hipsters and squares alike! Dishes can be eaten in the cosy company of the Hungry Donkey or grabbed to have on the go.

Street Food East London – Hungry Donkey

From nibbles and starters, like mind-blowing Bio-Dynamic Olives and gorgeous Grilled Haloumi, to mains such as succulent Souvlaki Skewers and Wraps and mouth-watering Moussaka, everything the Hungry Donkey makes is put together with the most responsibly sourced ingredients. After all, it wouldn’t be true street food east London if it didn’t come with a conscience. The meat is supplied by the award-winning butchers Aubrey Allen, while the chicken is naturally-reared Cotswold White Chicken.

Alongside democracy, philosophy and global sporting events, one of Greece’s most famous exports is of course Ouzo! And while Hungry Donkey has some of that very fine hard stuff to offer you as an ideal digestive, you can also sample a selection of Greek beer from microbreweries like Septem and Marea as well as some superb wine from the region.

When it comes to the best new street food east London, it’s all Greek to us!

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