Greek Restaurant That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Next Bottle

We must hand it to them. The French have done incredibly well at staking their claim as the world’s best wine producers. You rarely pass a restaurant in the evening without hearing the words ‘Malbec’, ‘Merlot’, ‘Sauvignon’ or ‘Chablis’ floating up from the tables. We hear this far too much at any given restaurant in Aldgate East, and although French wine might have a good name for a reason, we think it’s time for some other vines to shine.

After all, the Greeks have an incredibly long standing history with wine. Who else can boast that they had an actual god dedicated to wine and revelry? If Greek wine was fit for a god (and he consumed a lot of it, did our Bacchus), then it is definitely good enough for us mere mortals!

Why though, we hear you ask? What makes Greek wine fit for a god? Well, Greece has its own specific climate particularly favourable to vineyard growing: not only have we the strong year-round sun, but also many varied terrains thanks to intense seismic activity, from Santorini’s volcanic soil, to the arid Aegean and the ocean-skirting vineyards on the coast of Halkidiki.

Restaurant in Aldgate East – Hungry Donkey

Aside from our little restaurant, Aldgate East is lacking Greece’s native nectar. But times are changing, people becoming increasingly bored with the norm and subsequently more adventurous with their palates. And we’re here to welcome them with open arms and a corkscrew in hand. Why not sample a glass of our Vidiano, a subtly fruity and herbal white wine hailing from the beautiful island of Crete? Or how about sharing a bottle of Vourvoukelis Limnio between friends, a full-bodied, smooth and earthy red wine from the Avdira area of Thrace?

So next time you’re looking for a restaurant in Aldgate East with something a little different to offer, pay us a visit. After all, when it comes down to it, the best compliment for Greek food is always Greek wine.

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