Why Stifado is the best food in Greece…

It was really exciting to read Susan Smillie’s article on why she thinks that Stifado is the best food in Greece! Our guests definitely seem to agree with Susan. Stifádo is one of our top selling dishes!

The dish reached Greece with the Venetians in the 13th century. That deep tradition and history of the dish is a fascinating (and super yummy) example of how cultures influence each other.

Stifádo, just like any slow-cooked dish needs time, patience and love, meráki as Greeks call it.  

It is what gives the meat the opportunity to really infuse the aromatic spices and sauces, and why it melts away in your mouth with every bite!

At Hungry Donkey we slow-cook our own beef Stifádo for 8-10 hours. When it is finally ready, and the aromas of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg and more flood our dining room, we know it was time well spent!

At Hungry Donkey we serve our Stifádo with a choice of Hilopites, traditional egg and milk pasta, or oregano hand-cut chips and always recommend grated Graviéra cheese on top.

You can use a variety of meats in your Stifádo, as Susan rightly mentions. The choice of meat tends to centre around local customs and the local hunting or fishing season as well. A great favourite of ours is rooster Stifádo, and at Hungry Donkey we make our with free-range beef.

We know things are busy right now and that you don’t necessarily have the time to devote in cooking your very own Stifádo at home.

We will indeed deliver you the best food in Greece and Hilopites anywhere in the UK through Hungry Donkey’s Pantry.

Matched together they make this dish as traditional as it gets. Heat your Stifádo up, bring your Hilopites to a boil, strain, mix altogether in a pan, and it’s ready to serve!

Oh! Don’t forget the Graviéra cheese – Parmesan or Pecorino cheese will do as well!

Καλή Όρεξη

You shouldn’t have to travel to Greece to enjoy an authentic Greek meal. At Hungry Donkey we provide our guests with a wholesome, traditional, and home-cooked Greek dining experience in the heart of London. When you dine with us, you will enjoy some of the best Greek food around, a welcoming Greek atmosphere, and true Greek hospitality!

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