Unlocking the Mystery of Greek Wine – A Tale of Tasty Wines at Hungry Donkey

For some reason Greek wine is never that easy to find on the supermarket shelves in the UK, but it really should be. One of the reasons this could be, is that with the number of regions and types of wine on offer from Greece, as well as a worry that the UK consumer might struggle to come to terms with the names involved, it might all be a bit too much for some to comprehend when compared with traditionally popular wines and wine regions.

At Hungry Donkey we understand Greek cuisine, and we are immensely proud of the Greek wine on offer. That is why we stock a variety of unique and tasty Greek wines that pair our food perfectly.

Greece produces some outstanding white wines, despite its latitude. Some of the vineyards in Greece are located at incredibly high elevations, and it is easy to see how the cool nights, and the sea breezes that naturally sweep through the country’s vineyards could result in a truly refreshing selection of white wines where the grapes are kept cool as they ripen.

There are many different delicious varieties of white wine from all over mainland Greece and its islands, including Melissaki from Crete, Robola from Cephalonia, and Chidiriotiko from Lesbos, to name just a few. Santorini is undoubtedly one of the best places for Greek wine however, with Assyrtiko worth a special mention (especially the oak fermented variety that we offer at Hungry Donkey).

When it comes to red wine from Greece there has been a drastic improvement in recent years, and it is no longer the case that there is an over-reliance on imported grape varieties. Xinomavro wines are a particular delight, and we are happy to offer you the chance to sample some lovely red wines as part of a meal at our restaurant to showcase the improvement in Greek reds.

At Hungry Donkey we do our best to continually source the best in Greek wine, and you can expect to see a wide variety on our wine list, including:

White Wines:
• Gerovassiliou Malagousia
• Spiropoulos Mantinia
• Douloufakis Dafnios
• Rouvalis Asprolithi
• Argyros, Oak Fermented Assyrtiko

Red Wines:
• Karydas Xinomavro
• Lyrarakis Kotsifali
• Theodorakakos Mavroudi
• Rouvalis, Tsigello (Mavrodaphne)

If you are interested in pairing some fine Greek wines with the tasty food at Hungry Donkey it is easy to come visit us to eat in, or even takeout. Hungry Donkey is the best Greek restaurant in London, with authentic, traditional Greek street food that is responsibly-sourced, and provides you with a little taste of the wonderful life and culture like no other Greek restaurant you’ll find in the UK. You can order for delivery really easily, or why not book a table online or by calling our wonderful staff on 020 7392 9649. We look forward to serving you up some delicious Greek food and wine pairings.

Greek wine with two wine glasses by the side.

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