The Beauty of Greek Meze

Greek meze table

We might be biased but at Hungry Donkey we all believe there is nothing better than Greek Mezedes and Mezedakia in the whole world. Many people look at Greek Meze as similar to Tapas, and although there is the similarity of small plates, Mezedes provide more of a feeling, a way to come together as family and friends, and to share an entire experience in a relaxed manner over several hours.

The beauty of Greek Meze is that it is simple and tasty, using the freshest ingredients to create perfect dishes that are sampled in a leisurely manner. It is not a selection of small plates that are served up as an appetiser to a main meal, but instead it is the meal, in a completely different way to how you have ever experienced. In many cases Greek Mezedes are served over the course of an hour or two, with two or three dishes delivered to the table at a time. Mezes can be translated as a taste or a bite. This fits perfectly with the idea of small tastes of Greek cuisine being delivered for you to sample. Quite often this can mean upwards of 20 dishes being eaten at the table, alongside the anise-flavoured Ouzo as an accompaniment to the meal.

Typically, Greek Mezedes will include a wide variety of Greek dishes, both hot and cold. This includes olives, cucumber, feta cheese, saganaki, a selection of dips (such as tzatziki and taramasalata – a fluffy cod roe spread – and some warm pita). You can then expect to sample some stunning seafood, such as calamari and octopus, dolmades, Greek sausage and other delightful Greek treats. Everything is fresh, using the best Greek olive oil, wedges of lemon, juicy tomatoes, and the perfect insight into the beautiful Greek food culture.

If you would like to experience Greek Mezedes as it was intended, our authentic Greek restaurant is here to provide you with the perfect experience. Our team has the family knowledge, and the years of experience in both eating and preparing Greek Mezedes, that we know how to put a menu together. As well as offering Mezedakia (and classic Greek cuisine and recipes in the format you see fit, whether as a single meal, or as part of our amazing Greek takeaway service). We also offer an excellent catering service for events and corporate purposes, which we find are both perfect settings for a Greek Meze.

Hungry Donkey is the best Greek restaurant in London, with authentic, traditional Greek street food that is responsibly sourced, and provides you with a little taste of the wonderful life and culture of Greek Mezedes like no other restaurant. To enquire about booking a table and Greek Meze with us, contact us by calling 020 7592 9649 or email

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