We always like to know that everything is hunky dory here at Hungry Donkey which is partly why we’ve introduced our new competition #DonkeyDoodle (and also because we just like to scribble.) All we’re asking is for you to doodle a picture or scrawl a quote, on your placemat, to let us know just how much fun you had with us! Then all you have to do is take a quick snap of your creation, upload it to any of our social media platforms and whack #DonkeyDoodle on it. If the opportunity to draw and scribble isn’t enough of an incentive for you, we’ll pick a winner at the end of each month who will win a meal on us (we thought that would grab your attention!) Look, we’re not expecting the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel; just a small drawing is all you need to get you closer to that free meal!

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