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Hungry Donkey, the best Greek restaurant East London, just off Commercial Street in trendy Whitechapel, serves simple, traditional, food, but does it well. We were welcomed with a huge smile, and the service remained very friendly for the duration of our visit. Our waiter’s enthusiasm for the food was clear as he explained some of his favorites from the menu to us – an enthusiasm he clearly shares with the chefs.

Best Greek Restaurant East London – Hungry Donkey

Dessert was the highlight, thanks to our waiter – don’t miss it! Try the bougatsa, a warm semolina custard topped with crisp filo and a generous dusting of cinnamon, and the kaimaki ice-cream, a thick-textured, chewy ice cream with a strong, grassy taste. Split the mini bougatsa bites in half and spoon in some of the ice cream: my guest and I were both left speechless.

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