Acoustic Nights

If you’re feeling a civilised but fun Saturday evening, then look no further than my Spitalfields establishment. Join us for dinner and live music in London’s best Greek restaurant!

On 10th February, I’m bringing Greek rebetiko group, Peran music, to kick off the very first in my Acoustic Night series. This event contributes towards my vision of better representing Greek culture and tradition in the London community. I’ve been galloping round Spitalfields with excitement for Saturday night. I can’t wait to share my culture with my guests. Find out more and click attending to the event here.

One last note, dining is essential, so book your table here. The music starts at 8pm so book your table prior to this so that you can be chomping on some of the best Greek food in London before we begin.

I may even have a boogie at the front, probably after a couple of Septem Lava beers (dangerously strong at 9%!), and hoping you’ll be joining me!

If you can’t make it – watch this space, there’s plenty more where this came from!

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