Modern Greek Restaurant

Just a two-minute walk from Aldgate East tube station in the borough of Tower Hamlets, to the east of the City of London, you can find our modern Greek restaurant, Hungry Donkey. You can find Donkey where he resides, on the bustling, trendy Wentworth Street, one of East London’s little gems.

Our Donkey is versatile, friendly, and outgoing… So from Monday to Wednesday between 08:00-22:00pm, and for the rest of the week, just a tad later, he welcomes all his friends to come and dine with him. He’s even ready to go on Sundays although he gets up a little later and goes home a little early.

However, some days Donkey’s friends have schedules that are too demanding to make it to his modern Greek restaurant and they find that taking his delicious food away is more convenient. They always discover there is never any hassle when they order to take out, the service is always quick and the food is always just as tasty. Every so often, for his really good friends, he’ll even drop it to their home or office when they can’t make it down to see him, he won’t so much as moan and still offers them the same incredible choice of dishes.

Authentic and Modern Greek Restaurant – Hungry Donkey

Our Hungry Donkey isn’t like other donkeys, besides his enormous appetite which he inflicts on to all his friends, he only prepares freshly made food and believes that there is nothing more alluring than a restaurant with modern Greek food and delicious seasoning, “the simple things in life,” he says. Donkey is not a grazer, it’s only the freshest flavors that he desires, Souvlaki skewers, pitta wraps and delicious Greek salads. It just so happens that many of Donkey’s friends are vegans and vegetarians, and although he is partial to a good Moussaka he still caters for them just the same.

Although Donkey has adjusted well to the London lifestyle, he often misses home and is extremely proud of his all-Greek wine and spirits menu which he has put together to take him back to his roots. He’s even composed an authentic Greek cocktail list which contains some of his favorites, The Mule being his absolute preference, named after himself and made from Mastiha liqueur, fresh lemon, tonic and green olive. Donkey welcomes you all to his modern Greek restaurant and he ‘brays’ you come and join him.

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