Modern Greek Food

What makes Modern Greek Food ‘modern’ exactly? Well me and my donkey chefs have worked long and hard to create a menu here at Hungry Donkey that not only encapsulates brilliant traditional Greek cooking, just like mama used to make, but updates it a bit, to fit the fast paced healthy lifestyles we live today.

A Modern Greek Menu

I couldn’t not have the classics on my menu now could I – the flaky Galaktoboureko, the humble Greek salad and my favourite comfort food the mighty Moussaka, but I wanted to put my own Donkey stamp on things. I’ve always been keen to make sure my food is good for the soul and not only hearty but healthy at the same time, something we’re all keen for in this day and age! We didn’t stop at Greek Salad but added four salads on my menu influenced by my Greek heritage including a Horta salad of foraged wild greens from the Peloponnese with extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, and a simple cabbage and carrot salad drizzled with organic grape molasses. I’ve given a Modern Greek twist to the British favourite of hand-cut chips adding your choice of Feta or Graviera to them before serving, or if you’d rather stick to your greens why not try my zucchini fritters?

Drinks wise, on top of the Greek wines and beers on offer, we’ve also made things a little more ‘Modern Greek’ with our range of iced coffees including a Frappe and a Freddo Cappuccino, the best thing in Greece when you’re sheltering from the heat! OK, so the weather might not be as similar here all the time, but they’re too good to only enjoy in the heat.

Modern Greek Food – Hungry Donkey

Here in my restaurant we offer modern Greek food for the ‘pop in and takeaway’ type or the ‘settling in for a long evening’ type and everything in between – but if you want to truly be like the Greeks it has to be the latter! In Modern Greece eating is a very social thing indeed – the more the merrier! The meals can last for hours, as more mezedakia come out and the wine and ouzo flows.

Before I go, have I mentioned the all-day breakfast I have on my menu? Well, we couldn’t be truly modern without a proper ‘#Brunch!’

Hungry Donkey x

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