Hungry Donkey: About Us

Looking for some of the best Greek food in London?

Then look no further. Hungry Donkey specialises in authentic home-cooked Greek food.

Our menu focuses on fresh, seasonal, and responsibly-sourced ingredients. We offer a traditional home-cooked Greek menu, cooked fresh for you every single day.

We know how much you care about fresh and heathy ingredients, so do we! That is why all our ingredients, from our extra virgin olive oil, wild mountain oregano and organic vine leaves to our feta cheese, come from small independent farmers and suppliers sharing the same values.

Just like you, animal welfare is equally important to us. Our meat comes from animals that have been roaming free and have been raised sustainably in the UK.

Our drinks showcase the best of Greece. An wine list that celebrates Greek grape varieties, craft beers showcasing innovative Greek microbreweries, and an all-Greek cocktail list, open up a whole new world to our guests!

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