Greek Restaurants in London

Since I first trotted into town back in April, its safe to say that a new wave of Greek restaurants in London have also joined the London restaurant scene. Greek food is finally having it’s time here in the capital and I am thrilled to be leading the pack! Modern Greek food is something that has been vastly under-represented in the UK until now. What I bring to the table is fresh, sustainable and healthy, and it is something that can be enjoyed by someone wanting a quick takeaway meal as much as others wanting a relaxed supper.

Greek Restaurants in London – Hungry Donkey

Of course we have the classic Greek options like Moussaka but I wanted to create somewhere that is modern and cool without losing the simplicity of classic Greek dishes. Now, it can’t be a coincidence that the year I came to town has been named the ‘year for Greek food’ now can it…

If you are looking for Greek Restaurants in London then look no further than the Hungry Donkey.

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