Greek Food In London

There’s something about creamy feta, juicy olives and oozing moussaka that you Brits just can’t resist! Greek food in London has blown up in the last and I won’t take ALL the credit for that! 😉 But, although there may be a lot of Greek food in London, how much do you actually know? Below I’ve chosen a few Greek dishes from my menu and delved a little deeper into what they are and where they come from…

Greek Food In London – Hungry Donkey

Greek Salad – The ancient Greeks thought so highly of salads that they saved them until the last, eating them only after dessert! The essential cuisine of the Greek people is down-to-earth and uncomplicated and uses just the best ingredients – simple! It is madee with pieces of tomatoes, green peppers, sliced cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese and olives and dressed with salt, oregano and olive oil. There are also many other salads in Greek cuisine, including beetroot salad which I also have on my menu!

Souvlaki – This is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and/or vegetables grilled on a skewer and usually served in a pita or on a plate with fried potatoes. Souvlaki is thought to date back to 17th century BC where they would cook the meat over stone barbecues. Merida means portion, and whilst souvlaki is often eaten plain on hand or as fast food, it is also served as a full plate, with vegetables, pita bread and fried potatoes – similar to a pita wrap but with the ingredients laid out!

Moussaka – A Greek tavern favourite! This is an aubergine based dish including minced meat and topped with a béchamel sauce before being baked. The modern Green version was most likely formulated by chef Tzelementes who wanted to refine Greek peasant cooking in the 1920s. Moussaka must be cooled slightly before cutting, or otherwise cooked in single portions, as otherwise served hot on a plate will slide apart! #DonkeyDisaster

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