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If you, like me, love all things Greek, then I imagine you wonder Why are food blogs so popular? Well it of course has something to do with the first person point of view. When reading a review or a recipe on a blog you are doing so because you often have more faith in it being an honest opinion than reading something in a publication. Most of the time you also get to see photos of the food taken directly by the blogger, so you can get a real feel for what to expect. On top of this, if you have food blogs that you follow in particular rather than coming across them when searching for reviews of a restaurant, the chances are that the blogger is going to go into restaurants you don’t know, therefore education you on new places to try.

Greek Food Blog – Hungry Donkey

I thought I’d tell you about a two of my favourite Greek food blogs today. First up is Souvlaki For The Soul written by Peter who although is based in Australia is fiercely proud of his Greek heritage and it is this that he has decided to base his blog around. You’ll find seriously delicious looking recipes, including plenty for those of you that are Gluten-Free, with dishes ranging from Ouzo and Lemon Biscuits to Sweet Potato Loukoumade. Even if you’re not mad on getting stuck in the kitchen, heading to the site simply to look at Peter’s brilliant photography is worthy of a visit in itself!

Another Greek food blog that is definitely worth a visit is the Maltby and Greek blog. In case you don’t already know, Maltby and Greek are the UK’s leading supplier and distributor of Greek food, and as a result we have a very close relationship with them. On their blog you’ll find anecdotes and photos from recent trips to Greece and their visits to their suppliers. It’s great to hear about where the food that we use in the restaurant has come from – if you’re heading to Greece this summer this blog will definitely get you in the mood!

Hungry Donkey x

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