View Restaurants near Liverpool Street

Restaurants near Liverpool Street

This will be my first Christmas since moving to London and setting up this little restaurant near Liverpool Street and I’m pretty darn excited to show you Brits how us Greeks do it! I’ve just finalised my Christmas menu additions so can finally let you know what special dishes I’ll be offering… • Fricasee of…

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View Hungry Donkey is Top 40 in the UK!

Hungry Donkey is Top 40 in the UK!

We work hard to make sure everything we do is the freshest, healthiest and tastiest we can possibly make it and are particularly proud of our vegetarian dishes. Some places seem to add them almost as an afterthought but for us they are at the heart of our fresh and healthy Mediterranean life! We do…

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View Affordable Greek Food – Interview: Maggi’s Recipes For Success

Affordable Greek Food – Interview: Maggi’s Recipes For Success

Keen to set up a modern Greek restaurant with a distinctive local feel, Markos Tsimikalis launched Hungry Donkey back in April 2015.  Inspired by Hellenic street food, Hungry Donkey brings together fresh flavours, using only the most authentic and traditional ingredients.  From melt in the mouth Zucchini Fritters to Souvlaki Skewers, the all-day restaurant is…

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View Where to get the best breakfast in London – Hungry Donkey Review: GQ

Where to get the best breakfast in London – Hungry Donkey Review: GQ

This Wentworth Street outpost serves simple Greek cuisine with a modern twist. The minimalist interior is bright and cheerful, using a palette of yellows and blues. They serve breakfast all-day; the dishes range from hearty sourdough sandwiches to filo pastry pies. Where to get the best breakfast in London GQ recommends the fava puree sourdough…

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View Greek Restaurant East London

Greek Restaurant East London

Being a Greek Restaurant in East London seemed a nerve racking thing at first. This little donkey was used to the laid back way of life in Greece you see, where our meals are long, the sun always shines and we take life at a slower pace. However, since moving to Aldgate and setting up…

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View Greek Restaurants in London

Greek Restaurants in London

Since I first trotted into town back in April, its safe to say that a new wave of Greek restaurants in London have also joined the London restaurant scene. Greek food is finally having it’s time here in the capital and I am thrilled to be leading the pack! Modern Greek food is something that…

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View Meet The Supplier

Meet The Supplier

Here at Hungry Donkey we have a close relationship with all of our suppliers, and over the coming months will be introducing you to them on the blog. This week we want to introduce you to The Fotiadis family who provide us with our wild boar sausage. Our sausage is a mixture of wild boar, pork and…

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View Press Round Up

Press Round Up

It hasn’t been long since we trotted into town and it’s fair to say that we’ve been taking London by storm. Not only are we drawing the crowds in from far and wide, all eager to taste the finest fried saganaki and baked moussaka around, but we’ve also gained some impressive coverage! We’ve been featured in Metro, Evening Standard, About Time, Fluid London, Open…

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View Read All About Us!

Read All About Us!

As far as we’re concerned, we’re a pretty big deal but obviously our opinion is ever so slightly biased. It’s a good job then that a large amount of publications across London agree with us and have decided to express their love for us to the world! We may not have been around for long…

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