View Modern Greek Food

Modern Greek Food

What makes Modern Greek Food ‘modern’ exactly? Well me and my donkey chefs have worked long and hard to create a menu here at Hungry Donkey that not only encapsulates brilliant traditional Greek cooking, just like mama used to make, but updates it a bit, to fit the fast paced healthy lifestyles we live today….

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View Greek Street Food – Review: The London Economic

Greek Street Food – Review: The London Economic

The food at The Hungry Donkey is all very good, some of it is so good, in fact, that I’m not too keen on sharing with my three dining companions during a recent visit. Opened earlier this year, just minutes from Spitalfields and the city, the restaurant is far less like a British chain pub…

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View Greek Breakfast

Greek Breakfast

When you think ‘Greek Food’ you might think long lazy lunches in the sun or a big sharing dinner with the family, but how about Greek breakfast? Believe it or not, us Greeks know a thing or two about putting on a proper brekkie, and it goes further than Greek yoghurt – although there’s no…

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View Greek Street Food Restaurant: Review

Greek Street Food Restaurant: Review

David Harfield brings his cloak and wand to the Aldgate East Greek street food restaurant, Hungry Donkey. I’ve smashed a few plates in my time, but it’s usually been due to a drunken accident and followed by the hasty dropping of banknotes into a waitress’s hands and a solemn promise never to try and perform…

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View You’re invited to my birthday!

You’re invited to my birthday!

Can you believe it was only a year ago that we were putting the finishing touches to our little restaurant on Wentworth Street? Next week I will be celebrating the first year and being the party loving donkey that I am, I’ve taken it upon myself to lay on some birthday celebrations. Next Wednesday 11th…

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View Greek Lunch in Liverpool Street

Greek Lunch in Liverpool Street

I don’t know about you, but traipsing around looking for somewhere for lunch in Liverpool Street when you’ve got a precious hour long off is not my kind of lunch break! Well, that’s why I aim to not only give you the option to reserve a table, or even pre-order your meal and simply collect…

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View Authentic Greek Food – Review: Crummbs

Authentic Greek Food – Review: Crummbs

Guilt free meat by the kilo! At first glance the menu seems absurd, a kilo of meat for between £50-60? No one will want this much meat and no one will pay that much money. But HD recommend a kilo between friends, four of them. So when you break that down and take into account…

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View Best Greek Restaurants – Review: Londonist

Best Greek Restaurants – Review: Londonist

For years, Londoners have struggled to find decent Greek restaurants. North London is home to many popular Cypriot restaurants but menus rarely extend beyond the usual offerings of halloumi (a Cypriot, not Greek, cheese as is often assumed), salads and basic grilled meats. In the last few years we have begun to see a change,…

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View Greek Easter 2016

Greek Easter 2016

As most of you may know, the 1st of May is Greek Easter 2016 (Pascha!) so whilst Easter might be in the past for some of you, for us Greeks we’ve got it all to look forward to. It’s set to be a weekend filled with sharing dishes, succulent souvla, homemade pastries and more. My…

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