View Greek Street Food London Even on Sunday

Greek Street Food London Even on Sunday

“You can kiss me on a cool day, a hot day, a wet day, whichever one you choose!” According to the lyrics of the title song from the classic Greek film Never On Sunday, any day of the week was ideal for kissing except for a, erm, Sunday. Well, the Hungry Donkey doesn’t know much…

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View Greek Street Food East London

Greek Street Food East London

Sometimes it feels as though everything good came from Greece! Think about it, without that warm and inviting country in the Mediterranean we wouldn’t have democracy, philosophy, science, drama, literature, mathematics or even the Olympic Games. We can’t be certain whether or not the first hipsters or the earliest examples of street food began in…

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View Greek Food Blog

Greek Food Blog

If you, like me, love all things Greek, then I imagine you wonder Why are food blogs so popular? Well it of course has something to do with the first person point of view. When reading a review or a recipe on a blog you are doing so because you often have more faith in…

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View East London Greek Restaurant

East London Greek Restaurant

Summer has come to East London (well, almost!) and as we head towards July, with the hope of sunnier days, there’s only one thing the people of East London are looking for – a sunny terrace! On the corner of Old Castle Street and Wentworth Street you’ll find my brand new outside area enclosed by…

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View Greek Restaurant in Spitalfields

Greek Restaurant in Spitalfields

For restaurants in Spitalfields it’s easy to take for granted the market itself and the history of the area, and not fully appreciate it. Coming over the the UK only last year from Greece, I’m the first to admit that I don’t know nearly as much as I should do! I thought I’d do a little research…

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View Greek East London Restaurant – Review: The Handbook

Greek East London Restaurant – Review: The Handbook

Greek East London restaurant Hungry Donkey are proud to reveal the name and origin of every single ingredient in their kitchen. All their meat is ethically and sustainably reared; lamb comes from Devon and Cornwall, chicken from the Cotswolds, free-range pork is reared in Suffolk for longer than average to intensify flavour and wild boar…

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View Modern Greek Food

Modern Greek Food

What makes Modern Greek Food ‘modern’ exactly? Well me and my donkey chefs have worked long and hard to create a menu here at Hungry Donkey that not only encapsulates brilliant traditional Greek cooking, just like mama used to make, but updates it a bit, to fit the fast paced healthy lifestyles we live today….

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View Greek Street Food – Review: The London Economic

Greek Street Food – Review: The London Economic

The food at The Hungry Donkey is all very good, some of it is so good, in fact, that I’m not too keen on sharing with my three dining companions during a recent visit. Opened earlier this year, just minutes from Spitalfields and the city, the restaurant is far less like a British chain pub…

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View Greek Breakfast

Greek Breakfast

When you think ‘Greek Food’ you might think long lazy lunches in the sun or a big sharing dinner with the family, but how about Greek breakfast? Believe it or not, us Greeks know a thing or two about putting on a proper brekkie, and it goes further than Greek yoghurt – although there’s no…

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