View Our new terrace = Staycation goals

Our new terrace = Staycation goals

There’s nothing better than a sunny day in London – except maybe a sunny day in Greece. But don’t get too upset if you’re not currently baking in the sun on a Santorini beach, because we have the next best thing – a redesigned terrace and the best Greek food in London. Our outdoor seating…

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View Celebrate Greek Easter with Hungry Donkey

Celebrate Greek Easter with Hungry Donkey

Easter is done a little differently in the Greek Orthodox community. Traditionally with a midnight service and lively festivities to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, it’s a highly anticipated holiday. We will, of course be celebrating, as a great Greek restaurant should, and we can’t wait to see you at the party! Our special Greek…

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View Tsiknopempti 2019 at our Greek Restaurant in London

Tsiknopempti 2019 at our Greek Restaurant in London

It’s that time of year again… It can only be Tsiknopempti! If last year’s celebrations are anything to go by, we know this party will be the best way to spend a Thursday evening in East London. Just like any good Greek restaurant in London, we’ll be celebrating in the only way we know, with…

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View Vegan and Vegetarian Options at The Hungry Donkey

Vegan and Vegetarian Options at The Hungry Donkey

  Hungry Donkey is suitable for vegans! We love our souvla spit roasted meat as much as the next donkey (bordering on an obsession some might say). But this month we are branching out and exploring the veggie and vegan options available right here at your favourite Greek restaurant in London!   Plant based eating…

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View My New Menu!

My New Menu!

I’ve recently had my chef hat tightly screwed on in the kitchen working on my **NEW MENU**. Just as much as ever, I’ve been focussing on the highest quality ingredients, whilst maintaining Hungry Donkey’s organic and sustainable ethos. If you’re looking for a restaurant near Spitalfields with good quality produce at its core, look no…

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View Greek Easter – 7th/8th April 2018

Greek Easter – 7th/8th April 2018

Greek Easter at Hungry Donkey Read on to learn a bit about what a typical Greek Orthodox Easter weekend looks like… Our traditions Spit-roasted lamb, but also goat take centre stage, with whole villages and towns spit-roasting hundreds of lambs on every street, and then sharing the meat with visitors and locals. It’s a great…

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View Acoustic Nights

Acoustic Nights

If you’re feeling a civilised but fun Saturday evening, then look no further than my Spitalfields establishment. Join us for dinner and live music in London’s best Greek restaurant! On 10th February, I’m bringing Greek rebetiko group, Peran music, to kick off the very first in my Acoustic Night series. This event contributes towards my…

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View Tsiknopempti 2018

Tsiknopempti 2018

Huzzah, it’s Greek Carnival season a.k.a. my favourite time of year! Not only because it’s the time of year that the entire Greek community comes out to celebrate together in a Mardi Gras style, but also for ‘Burnt Thursday’ – a day devoted entirely to devouring as much meat as possible before Lent commences. We…

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View A Very Donkey Detox…

A Very Donkey Detox…

How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Are you showing 2018 who’s boss or have you let it slip by the wayside hoping nobody was looking?  Either way, I’ve got plenty of detoxing happening right here in the heart of Spitalfields at your favourite Greek restaurant in London. Greek food is notoriously healthy, with…

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