Best Greek Restaurant You Can Find In London

“Thou should eat to live; not live to eat”. Whoever came up with that phrase most definitely didn’t do enough living, if you ask me. Either that, or they hadn’t got round to trying authentic Greek food, from the best Greek restaurant in town. I make sure all my guests leave feeling a little more alive and a lot less hungry, full of life, and full of fresh, delicious Greek cuisine. Personally I’m always hungry, but I’m a donkey, it doesn’t count.

If I haven’t already said, I am the best Greek street food restaurant in East London. Not on the street, but in a warm, modern location! It helps a little that I am one of the only Greek restaurants in London cooking fast food without the preheated or precooked ingredients. I challenge the stigma that reasonably priced fast food has to be unhealthy and high in calories. It doesn’t…In fact it can be freshly cooked, rich in flavour and still keep you wondering how I cooked it up so quickly. “That’s why we’re they’re the best Greek restaurant in town,” I hear you say.

The custom of street food in ancient Greece, often small fried fish, was looked down upon by many in Archaic Greek traditions. Lucky for me times have changed and street food for us is convenient, modern and authentic. We serve more than small fried fish. We offer our guests a generous range of small plates. From Greek sausage made from Wild-boar, pork and leek sausage perhaps, or our Soutzoukakia. To an authentic Greek dish made from Cumin and paprika infused lamb meatballs, served in a rich tomato sauce.

Best Greek Restaurant in London – Hungry Donkey

Then onto the mains, if you fancy a somewhat light lunch you may want to play it safe with our particularly yummy salads, a traditional Greek salad or maybe a grilled manouri and rocket salad with a side of whipped feta, smoked paprika and Boukovo chilli, which we call htipiti but you can just call it delicious. Whatever dish you fancy, for whatever time of the day, we answer your question “What is the best Greek restaurant in town?” in one single breath… “Us.”

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