The Importance of Quality Ingredients in Greek Cooking

Food is everything in Greece, and at Hungry Donkey we want to deliver the authentic experience to our customers. The idea is to explore different types of food, share plates with your loved ones, eat loads of tasty dishes, and to leave as part of the Hungry Donkey family! The recipes that we offer up to you are traditional Greek recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Our little corner of Greece in East London uses these recipes as the starting point, and then delivers it with passion, heart, and of course, using only the highest quality of ingredients.

There are so many benefits to using quality ingredients in any type of cuisine, but with Greek cuisine there are countless benefits in general, so when you use the freshest ingredients on a daily basis, you can really maximise the flavour and the overall feeling of satisfaction that is experienced at the end of a meal.

Why is a traditional Greek diet so popular, and what are the benefits?

Simplicity is key in Greek cuisine, with many dishes and recipe ideas coming from centuries ago. Variety of food and a balanced diet is always key. The health recommendations for a balanced diet are the same the world over; eat in moderation, always add plenty of colour in the form of fruit and veg into your daily intake, fish and seafood are great sources of nutrition, and in Greek food you can find some of the tastiest examples of a balanced collective palate anywhere in the world.

You can see this balance and delicious flavour in a simple Greek salad (or horiatiki). Excellent as an accompaniment to most meals, this salad includes slices of tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, olives, red onion, feta cheese, dressed with olive oil and seasoned with a sprinkling of oregano and sea salt. It could be the perfect dish. It is tasty, packs a punch, and is pretty healthy.

Other delicious and authentic dishes that you can expect to taste at Hungry Donkey include saganaki, spanakopita, moussaka, kleftiko, stifado, souvlaki, and bougatsa. Trust us, already you can see it’s hard for us to cut down the list, and this is why so many people come back again and again to keep trying other dishes on our menu!

There are a few different food categories in Greek cooking that you find most often, all with many health benefits. The higher the quality of ingredient for each, the better the outcome on the plate, and happier those eating it are!

You find a lot of pulses in Greek food, such as lentils, chickpeas, and beans. These are of high value nutritionally, great for your health and provide us with plenty of energy.  You’ll also find plenty of vegetables that have been cooked in Greek olive oil, such as artichokes, green beans, aubergines and the like. Stuffed vegetables, and rice-based meals that have been cooked in olive oil are also of high nutritional value. The extensive use of olive oil and herbs in the cooking also add to the healthiness of our tasty dishes.

At Hungry Donkey we only use responsibly-sourced ingredients in all of our dishes – free-range, sustainably-raised, British meat, organic Greek ingredients, Greek wine and beer, and we also support independent Greek microbreweries.

For an authentic Greek meal in East London, you can order for delivery really easily, or why not book a table online or by calling our wonderful staff on 020 7392 9649.

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