Authentic Greek Food – Review: Crummbs

Guilt free meat by the kilo!

At first glance the menu seems absurd, a kilo of meat for between £50-60? No one will want this much meat and no one will pay that much money.

But HD recommend a kilo between friends, four of them. So when you break that down and take into account the accompaniments then this is actually a reasonable deal.

Before we get into the main meaty event, we kicked off with a couple of starters. Papoutsakia; a roasted aubergine stuffed with feta and some zucchini fritters. Both were fresh and light – the perfect way to lead up to what was bound to be a lot of meat.

Their selection of Greek beers is great – I cant say I have experienced many Greek beers other than drinking Mythos when I was 16 in Skiathos – but I can now highly recommend the award winning Septum Sunday Golden Ale.

With the sunshine pouring in through the big glass front of the restaurant, refreshing starters and a golden beer in hand it was almost like we in Greece and not in East London!

Authentic Greek Food – Hungry Donkey

Now, onto the Souvla platters. You can either plump for a whole kilo or split it 50/50 with two different types of meat as we did; choosing both the chicken and the pork.

When it arrives you’ll be surprised that a kilo isn’t actually an inedible mountain of food. Its definitely a reasonable size for sharing. Our kilo went only slightly unfinished (we tried our best!) so I would say it is perfect for either a hungry couple or three friends.

What is even better is that the meat and the sides; tzatziki, htipiti, melitzanosalata dips, greek salad and warm pitta bread are all so fresh that you feel full but still as if you had eaten a nice clean meal. So if you’re imagining a meat sweats inducing food challenge then you are totally wrong – HD have created a wonderfully light and flavourful sharing menu. Not over encumbered with sides and carbs. If you are keeping an eye on what you eat for the summer then you can definitely have a meal with mates here and leave feeling guilt free!

That said, on a Tuesday evening the restaurant filled to the brim pretty quick! So they are definitely doing authentic Greek food well.

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